Friday, September 17, 2010

Decorate A Room Mexicanstyle

Use warm, natural colors in the space.

If your home is in need of a style transformation, yet you're not sure what type of style to choose when redecorating, consider infusing your home with Mexican-style decor. The earthy colors and natural materials make this style of decor warm and inviting, turning your home into a cheery space where friends and family will enjoy gathering and spending quality time. From the color scheme to the accessories, you can easily transform your home into a Mexican-style retreat. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Bring natural materials into the room you are decorating. Tiles that feature a colorful pattern are ideal for a countertop or a backsplash. Cover the floors with planks of natural wood or terracotta tiles. Hang a decorative chair rail made from dark wood around the room. Suspend worn, dark wood beams from the ceiling. Cover the ceiling with copper or tin tiles.

2. Paint the walls in the room a color that exemplifies an hacienda-style home. Choose a natural, yet warm color, such as burnt orange, golden yellow or terracotta. To give your walls the feeling of adobe, use a putty knife to apply stucco to the walls prior to painting.

3. Furnish the room with pieces made of natural wood, such as cherry or oak. Use an oversized reclaimed wood table for the dining or coffee table. Flank an overstuffed brown suede couch with wooden rocking chairs. Frame your bed with an antique wood headboard purchased from a thrift store or a headboard upholstered with leather. Add in some wrought iron or brass pieces, such as side tables, as well.

4. Choose light fixtures that are made of wrought iron, brass or wood. A wood or wrought iron chandelier placed above a dining table will draw attention to the space. Set brass table top lamps covered with leather shades on bedside or accent tables. Hang wrought iron wall sconces that feature an engraved design on either side of the mirror in a bathroom.

5. Decorate the space with accessories made of natural materials. Cover the windows with linen curtains or serapes. Drape woven blankets on couches, chairs and beds. Set candlesticks made from pewter on tables or ledges. Place pictures in natural wood or wrought iron frames. Place a large wooden bowl in the center of a table. Woven baskets serve as decorative storage options. Incorporate clay sculptures in the room. A carving of the sun hung on a wall serves as a focal point for the space.

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