Friday, September 10, 2010

Prevent A Gas Grill From Rusting

Proper storage and cleaning will prevent most rust from occurring on your grill.

Gas grills are often packaged with summer as an unbeatable combo and often they are. A grill requires a bit more care than what we give it during the summer and requires proper storage during the winter to prevent issues with components. Rust is another issue altogether. A dirty grill, or one left to the elements, will form rust in one season. Proper care and cleaning will prevent unsightly and foul-tasting rust from forming on the grill body and grates. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Close the grill and turn it up to the highest heat. Allow the grill to cook for a few minutes. Keep the knob turned to the on position and turn off the gas. Allow the grill to sit until it is cool.

2. Scrape the grill grates with a brush to clean off any sticky food bits. Remove the clean grates from the grill and spray them with a spray cooking oil to coat and protect them from rust.

3. Clean the inside of the grill with an old cloth and soapy water. Scrub the metal, shiny bits with aluminum foil and baking soda to improve the shine.

4. Cover the grill with a grill cover while it is not in use and place it in a location free from rain and the elements. Remove the propane tank if it is stored inside.

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