Friday, September 3, 2010

Design A French Country Kitchen

Invite the French countryside into your home with a French country kitchen. Enjoy the warm, comfortable and timeless French country look by incorporating enchanting colors, natural textures and the quiet elegance that this look evokes. Add a splash of fabric, mix your prints and display your favorite pottery to create a room that softly says, "Je ne sais quoi," or "I know not what." Design your French country kitchen with layers of natural, earthy items, and your guests will clamor to join you in your newly decorated kitchen. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Paint your kitchen walls a warm shade of blue, green or yellow. Paint adds to the worn, mellowed feel of the French country look.

2. Position several pieces of natural wood furniture in your kitchen. A rustic table, rush-seated chairs or an old painted cabinet will contribute to your French country look. Add vintage-looking handles to furniture for instant aging.

3. Add a wrought iron chandelier over your kitchen table. Add wrought iron knobs to your cabinets.

4. Hang lace or sheer curtains at your kitchen windows. Use wood or metal rods to hang the curtains.

5. Place pillows, seat cushions and table linens throughout the kitchen area. A mix of printed fabrics in toile, checks, stripes or plaids add a casual and inviting feel to a French country kitchen. The fabric colors should pick up the other colors in the room to create a unified yet unstudied look.

6. Hang baskets or copper pots from the ceiling. Add a bouquet of dried flowers, such as lavender.

7. Display pottery in an open cabinet. Arrange pottery pitchers and other decorative accents on top of your kitchen cabinets, in a corner of the cabinet area or on shelves in the kitchen area.

8. Arrange a bouquet of fresh flowers in a pottery vase. Sunflowers and lavender depict the French country look.

9. Place accent rugs throughout your French Country kitchen. Hooked, rag, or braided rugs will add texture, color and warmth to your décor.

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