Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Diy Rustic Table Decoration Ideas

Incorporate dried leaves into your rustic table decorations.

Create rustic centerpieces and other table decorations for a "country" themed party or event, or simply to add something special to your cabin's dining room table. Rustic and country decor generally includes simple wooden items, earth-toned and gingham fabric, wrought iron pieces and natural items such as twigs and branches, dried leaves and flowers and vines and pine cones. Any old or antique items you can incorporate into your rustic decor pieces will also work, as will any handmade items you own. Does this Spark an idea?


Rustic Floral Arrangement

1. Use a small section of a hollowed-out log, if possible, or use an earth-toned vase instead.

2. Place items such as twigs, small evergreen branches, dried flowers in earth tones -- such as rusted orange or red -- and other greenery in your log or vase. Fill in gaps with pine cones, acorns and dried leaves. If desired, wrap some of the bare twigs with earth-toned and gingham fabric.

3. Set up a "bed" on which to place your rustic floral arrangement, such as one made of dried leaves. Gingham fabric is another good base. You can also simply scatter acorns and twigs around the vase.

Toolbox Centerpiece

4. Use an old, rustic-looking toolbox as the base for a centerpiece. The more worn-looking the box, the better, though you may have to sand a few rough edges to avoid guests receiving splinters or cuts from touching the centerpiece. Line the inside of the box with a gingham or earth-toned linen.

5. Fill the box with assorted rustic items, such as wrought-iron tools, dried wildflowers, one or two small, old-fashioned teddy bears, bits of antique-looking lace or strands of straw tied together with twine.

6. Set out a few edible items around the toolbox, such as assorted nuts and berries, candied apples and roasted pumpkin seeds. Place these items in small wooden bowls to match the toolbox.

Mini Christmas Tree Decoration

7. Tie assorted pieces of gingham ribbon onto the branches of a plain, mini Christmas tree. The tree can be real or fake depending on what's available to you. Tie the ribbons in bows near the middle or edge of the tree branches.

8. Affix a large, earth-toned bow at the top of the tree, and allow pieces of the bow to cascade down the tree.

9. Fill wicker baskets with dried flowers and arrange them around the Christmas tree. Use flowers that match the gingham ribbons as closely as possible, such as dried red roses and carnations if using red gingham.

10. Place candles in between the baskets of flowers if desired. Use off-white and earth-toned candles in wooden candle holders. Keep an eye on the candles if you decide to light them, as they will be near dried flowers and baskets, which can easily catch fire.

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