Thursday, September 23, 2010

What Objects Look Good On A Sofa Table

Accessorize your sofa table to match the rest of your decor.

Sadly, the sofa table is overlooked in most living rooms. The tall table, relegated to behind the couch, is a resting place either for items leaving the house such as car keys or for items that get left behind such as junk mail. It's time to show that table some love and shower it with accessories and, perhaps, a piece or two of fabric. Get ready to shine, dear sofa table, and proudly join the rest of the living room. Does this Spark an idea?

Things to Consider

There are three items to consider before you start to accessorize your sofa table. First, the location of the table. Allow the primary use of the room to dictate the styling of the table. If the table is in a busy den, it's best not to crowd the table with precious collectibles for fear that they will be knocked over. If the table is in a formal living room that doesn't see a lot of foot traffic, your heirlooms can be safely displayed on that table. Second, consider the construction of the sofa table. A simple, but well-made, table with four legs and a top shelf will lend itself to any variety of country décor schemes while a table with wrought iron legs and a glass top works well with modern and contemporary. Third, determine the primary function of the sofa table, such as if the table will be merely decorative or if it will serve a purpose.

Make it Pretty

The table should reflect the room's theme or design scheme. Faux flowers in a rustic metal watering can, an antique trinket and a primitive-style doll would work in a room with a country theme. If country leave you cold, but the sleek lines of modern style make you warm, dress up your metal sofa table with plants in vibrantly colored containers or a row of books anchored by metal bookends. Peonies, either real or fake, in mismatched pink tea cups, a metal picture frame and a chipped metal bowl for keys works for rooms with French country, pretty country or shabby chic themes. If you wish to either disguise or protect the top of a sofa table, a table runner or simple piece of fabric works well.

Make it Personal

No matter what your design scheme, you can never go wrong with family photos. Display the photos in frames either made of the same material or in the same color or in an eclectic mix. Photographs printed in either sepia tone or black and white pop when in rustic red frames and complement a country theme. Metal frames scream modern and fun; candid photos in vintage metal frames will work with French or American country. Display trinkets and souvenirs from trips either in shadow boxes or under hurricane vases.

Make it Work

For some, the sofa table must function in the room and the accessories must not only be decorative, but useful as well. If your table has more than one shelf, use the top for everyday items such as a ceramic bowl as a catchall for house keys and a horizontal or vertical metal file for magazines and other mail. Use the secondary shelves for baskets that can hold mittens, hats, gloves, maps, umbrellas and other necessary items that while vital, aren't used every day.

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