Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Spanish Fencing Styles

Add Spanish-style fencing for Mediterranean flair in your landscape.

Bring a Mediterranean flair to your landscape with Spanish fencing styles. Whether you install a fence to break up your outdoor spaces, keep deer out, define functional areas, create shade or provide a safe barrier around a pool, there are many ways to recreate Spanish style in your own yard. Does this Spark an idea?


Stucco fencing gives adds to the organic feel of your yard.

A stucco fence blends well with a home with a stucco exterior whether the same color or a contrasting hue. Build the fence structure from mortared or non-mortared cement blocks. Cover the block with the organic texture of stucco. Stucco is simple to apply and durable for years. For an even more authentic Spanish style, affix wrought-iron pot holders or trough-type planters and fill with brightly colored petunias, bougainvillea or geraniums.

Wrought Iron

Fencing in a wrought-iron style evokes the feel of Spain.

Install black wrought-iron fencing for a true Spanish look in your landscape. Most fencing that looks like wrought iron is made from coated aluminum. From chunky, spear-topped posts to more ornate styles with vines or a hammered texture, the fencing brings old Mediterranean style to your yard.

Masonry and Tile

Add stone fencing to your yard.

Stone fencing with large square pillars spaced evenly lends the look of Spain to your home's exterior. Set tile mosaic inserts in the top thirds of your pillars in colors that coordinate with your exterior design. Or top the pillars with wrought iron or brass period-style lamps to cast a glow over your masonry fence.

Red Cedar

Cut arched tops in red cedar fence sections.

Build a red cedar fence for your landscape with simple vertical boards. Set fencing sections between brick pillars and have the sections cut with an arched top. Iron grill work in the top quarter of each fence section or as a peek-through section in your gate is authentic to the Mediterranean style. Brick pillars maybe partially covered with stucco--applied as if some of the stucco material has fallen from the surface--can give the fence an antiquated feel.


Wattle fence is woven from pliable sapling-size wood.

Commonly used in medieval Europe, wattle fencing is still used in Europe today. It's constructed by weaving flexible willow sticks, bamboo or other small limbs from sycamore, chaste or hickory trees like a basket between vertical supports. Wattle can be used outside a Spanish style home as a pedestrian barrier, for insulation or simple decoration. Wattle fencing will last for three to four years. This style of fencing can be as low or as high as needed.

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