Thursday, December 15, 2011

Cement Patio Landscaping Ideas

The simple white cement slab in your back yard begs for attention. Despite its rather bleak existence, it's possible to create a vibrant living space around a plain cement patio. Whether you have an existing cement patio or plan to install this cost-effective addition as a home improvement, sprucing up the plain cement with landscaping enhances the look of this plain patio. Edging, gardens, furniture and accents all function as viable landscape options for your patio. Does this Spark an idea?

Sprucing up the Patio

Plenty of companies will visit your home and in the course of a day, transform a plain cement patio with texture and color. This process involves spraying on a textured finish right on top of your existing slab. Flagstones, bricks and pavers can be painted onto the cement surface. However, the slab needs to be in good condition with no cracks. Refinishing isn't cheap and is commonly used by pool owners who prefer to avoid replacing an entire pool deck.

The patio forms the centerpiece of your backyard so you should decorate with that in mind. You're framing this living space to make it inviting as well as functional. If you want to avoid the high cost of refinishing, consider framing the edge of the patio with a brick or slate border. This will add texture to the plain cement and a natural softening to the stark white of the concrete. You'll also be increasing the size of the patio by at least a foot all the way around.


Regardless of the shape of the cement patio, gardens around the edges will soften the look of the cement. Don't completely surround the patio because you want to retain access to the rest of your garden. For square gardens, create irregularly shaped gardens that touch portions of the cement and extend out into the yard. You can balance a garden on each side or vary the shapes to soften the look more. Square or rectangular patios may beg for symmetry in garden shape but you just might be surprised at the results if you create gardens of varying shapes.

Furniture and Accents

Furniture forms an integral part of creating an outdoor loving space. You want your patio furniture to reflect your personality, blend with the home's exterior design and create a relaxing area outside the home. Patios really are an extension of the interior rooms in your home. To landscape this space properly, you'll need comfortable furniture, tables and accents to spice up this area. Consider whether you plan to entertain, eat family meals or simply relax on the patio, and tailor your purchases to fit your needs. Consider a small bistro table for individual meals and a seating area to relax for conversation. Purchase an umbrella or create an arbor over the patio to create some shade in your sunny back yard.

Container plantings function as decorative touches that present the final touch to a patio-landscaping project. A patio filled with furniture and no plants present an austere look and feel. Add coordinated pots filled with flowers and grasses, and you've incorporated some of the same touches you use in the interior of your home. Accents "finish" the design, providing cohesion and softening the look of the patio further. Vary the heights and color of your container gardens. Try delineating the patio edge with a two-prong wrought iron plan hanger for a hanging basket filled with beautiful ivy and trailing flowers.

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