Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Decorate With Red Furniture

Red furniture looks sophisticated when paired with complementing decor pieces.

Red furniture becomes the focal point of any room. Decorate around the furniture using complementary colors, fabrics, patterns, and materials. Choose paint colors that won't compete with the red furniture, but don't be afraid to mix and match colors. Neutral hues always blend with red, while soft shades of blue make the bold color look fresh. A black and red color combination will always look classic. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Decorate around a deep red living room couch and love seat set. A plush burgundy couch will give the space an elegant look. Paint the walls a rich, neutral color such as creamy ecru or taupe. For an elegantly rustic look, choose a matching wood coffee table and entertainment set featuring intricate wrought iron scroll work.

2. Tone down bold red bedroom furniture. If you covered your work desk or night stand with a splash of red paint, keep the rest of the look low-key. Choose a matching black headboard and bookcase. For a modern look, cover your bed with a white comforter featuring red and black geometric prints. Enhance the nightstand with a silver-based lamp, or hang silver wall sconces for soft lighting.

3. Create a retro kitchen with a diner-style Formica table featuring red chairs. Buy a tablecloth featuring small cherry designs or use laminated 1950s menus as place mats. Place a vintage chrome napkin dispenser and plastic condiment bottles in the center of the table. Hang antique neon diner and coffee shop signs on your kitchen walls.

4. Design a nautical-theme porch using a red wooden love seat. Place navy and white striped cotton cushions on the love seat and enhance it with a navy anchor-shaped pillow. Use a vintage sea captain's chest as a coffee table. Hang antique ship wheels. Place casual raffia rugs on the floor.

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