Monday, December 12, 2011

Rustic Italian Decorating

Rustic Italian decorating is a perennially popular theme because it is accessible, warm and inviting. The rustic Italian style is ideal for the kitchen, dining room and living room. Those are the areas most used for entertaining, but the look can extend to the whole home as well as the garden. Switch out textiles or add a new coat of paint for some rustic Italian flavor, or invest in some eye-catching furniture, finishes and accessories for a full home makeover. Does this Spark an idea?

Walls and Floors

In rustic Italian decorating, natural finishes and materials are the heart of the home. Wooden floors, wood furniture, exposed beams and other architectural elements such as arches, columns and stone steps create a dramatic interior. Walls in this design scheme are often in warm tones, such as sunny yellow, accented with bolder shades such as mango orange, Mediterranean green or cobalt blue. Terra-cotta tiles, hardwoods or marble and stone insets make for artisan-quality floors.

Furniture and Accessories

Rustic Italian furniture are big, bold pieces with distressed finishes. A wooden farmhouse table with benches for seating allows for large gatherings. Vintage pieces should be stained in dark tones or given a light coat of antique whitewash for a brighter look. Shelves, cabinets and cupboards feature open display areas for showing off fresh foods, flowers, spices and bottles of olive oil and wine. Set a table in Italian Majolica pottery, and add an earthenware bowl of fresh fruit as an accent. Fill rooms with cobalt blue glass bottles and vases, or use rusted metal pails as wildflower containers.


Rustic Italian textiles are often white, off-white or a very pale yellow. These shades allow fabric to stay cool, dry quickly and permit natural light to flow through a room. Make vintage white pillowcases or dish towels into cafe-style curtains, placing the fabric halfway down the window frame to afford views of the garden. Keep floors bare or set down mats in sisal or bamboo to maintain a natural look. Be bold with patterns, mixing and matching floral patterns with stripes, paisley, curlicues or ethnic designs.

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