Friday, December 30, 2011

Light Weight Small Folding Tables

Small, lightweight folding tables come in handy on many occasions.

Small, lightweight folding tables are handy items that have many uses. You can put folding tables to use in numerous ways, from dining in front of the TV to working on your laptop to cleaning fish while camping. They come in many sizes and materials to suit your needs and decor. Does this Spark an idea?

Types of Small Folding Tables

From fancy and decorative to plain and purely functional, there is a wide variety of small, lightweight folding tables available for sale. Wood, wicker and wrought iron styles are generally more attractive than many other materials, but tend to have a higher price tag. Resin- or plastic-top tables with steel legs look quite plain but are durable workhorses. Many small, lightweight folding tables are made for a specific activity, such as dining, camping or crafts. Small, multi-purpose tables are a smart buy, as they are slightly larger than TV tables and allow you to adjust their height to suit your activity.

Temporary Uses

Because small folding tables are so lightweight and simple to use, you can get them out on a whim and put them back out of sight as soon as you're ready. Use TV tables and let the whole gang eat in the family room on family movie night. Or, set out one for yourself if you'd like to get a little work done on your laptop while watching your favorite show. Bring folding tables out during parties for extra serving room, or put them to work holding an in-progress puzzle, craft, sewing or knitting project.

Permanent Uses

Although these types of tables are designed to be portable and quickly put up and taken down, you might find them sturdy and attractive enough to use as permanent pieces of furniture. Depending up their size and height, small, lightweight folding tables can be put to good use as end tales, bedside tables or plant stands. Group three or four together in place of a coffee table. Anything small that you'd like to keep off the floor can be placed on a folding table, such as a hamster cage, framed photos or a stack of books.

Outdoor Uses

You can put your small folding tables to work outside as well as inside. Place one between two patio chairs or pool loungers for a handy spot to set drinks, or place several of varying heights together for a multi-tiered plant stand. Use them for display space at your next garage sale, or if your kids set up a lemonade stand, let them use a folding table for serving lemonade, holding cups and counting cash. Take your folding tables camping and they'll come in handy for cooking, dining, cleaning fish and playing cards.

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