Monday, December 26, 2011

Install Decorative Iron Hardware For Furniture

Iron hardware adds an attractive look.

Iron hardware is durable and ideal for outside or inside use. It can be sleek and modern, antique or rugged. You can renovate a piece of furniture by replacing existing hardware with decorative iron hardware, or create a new piece of furniture that uses decorative iron hardware. If replacing existing hardware, simply purchase replacement pieces that are the same size as the originals. Staying with the same size helps make it easier to install decorative iron hardware on furniture and eliminates the need to drill or screw more holes. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Remove the old hardware. Keep old hardware items with their respective screws either by taping the screw to the hardware with masking tape, or placing the hardware item in a small plastic bag with its screws. Take the old hardware along when buying new decorative iron hardware to make it easier to select the new pieces.

2. Screw iron hardware into place using existing screw holes. If the screw holes are stripped, simply use a larger screw. Or, dip a wood golf tee in carpenter's glue, then place it--point side first--into the old screw hole. Tap it down into the hole, then cut the tee head off so it is flush with the hole. Screw in the new hardware through the wood tee after the glue has dried.

3. Golf tees to the rescue

Gently tighten all hardware, taking care not to over tighten screws because the wood could split. Cover screw holes that are left exposed after installing decorative hardware by applying a dollop of wood putty over the hole and smoothing with a painters spatula. Dab on matching paint or wood stain after the putty dries.

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