Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Decorate Your Master Bedroom In Old World Style

The Old World bedroom has the look of European antiquity. It's handsome and tends to be on the masculine side. Here are some ways to outfit an Old World bedroom. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Select a massive bed, a four-poster or a Gothic style with a pointed headboard and footboard. The tall bed may have draperies attached at the top and a pleated or flat bed skirt (possibly in a brocade that matches the spread).

2. Use chests of drawers that are carved and/or paneled. The feet may be rounded (bun-type) or square.

3. Choose night stands that may be elaborately carved or plain, with simple turned legs atop squared feet. Trestle styles are fine, and a simple gate-leg table can work, too.

4. Use a lamp that suggests stone or that is made of distressed carved wood; it could also be an antique-look metallic gold. A parchment shade is ideal.

5. Deck the walls, which may have a rustic finish or stone-look wallpaper, with Renaissance-type paintings in antique golden frames. Another option would be to hang stained glass, possibly with a religious theme, or reproduction maps from Columbus' time.

6. Dress the windows with a heavy treatment, possibly matching the bedcovers or evoking a tapestry. Another option, if the furnishings are simple, would be tab-top curtains or curtains on rings that go with a simple iron or wood-pole rod with finials - fabric for these curtains should be a homespun, and ecru is a good color choice.

7. Position a soft area rug, possibly one that is faux fur or gives the look of a handwoven rug in a neutral color.

8. Pull your shoes on and off while sitting on a paneled or carved chest at the end of the bed or a chair. Gothic ones, with their pointy-topped backs, are great.

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