Thursday, December 1, 2011

Ideas For Log Home Interiors

The interior of a log home should be as natural as the structure itself.

Log homes traditionally evoke the feeling of being in nature, as their focus is the natural, round shape of the logs, as well as their natural wood color. When decorating the interior of these homes, avoid modern or formal design; instead, go with a rustic style to accentuate the look of the logs. Does this Spark an idea?

Natural Colors

When choosing a color palette for the interior of your log home, opt for colors that reflect those found in nature. While you likely won't be painting the logs, there are walls in the home that aren't constructed of logs and require painting. For these walls, neutral colors -- tans, creams and ecru -- work well, but if you desire a more distinct color, opt for forest green, maroon or deep blue. You can also incorporate natural colors in your textiles -- throw rugs, quilts and window coverings.


Furnish your log home with furniture that is relaxed and welcoming. In a living room, large overstuffed leather or microfiber couches and chairs invite friends and family to put their feet up and relax. Place a large, worn wood coffee table in front of the couch. A bed frame constructed of natural logs works well in a bedroom. If you'd prefer to use a material other than wood, use a headboard upholstered with leather or suede. A glass-topped table placed on a wrought iron base adds casual formality to a dining room. A reclaimed wood table flanked with benches works well in an eat-in kitchen.

Window Treatments

A log home isn't the place to use heavy floor-to-ceiling velvet drapes. Such window coverings detract from the natural beauty of the logs that frame the windows. Filter out the sun and provide your home with privacy while maintaining the look of the logs by covering the windows with light linen curtains, plantation shutters or wood blinds. Instead of using fabric, cover the window itself with a simple stained glass treatment -- which will not only provide privacy, but will add to the beauty of the home.


Add some flare to a log home with rustic accessories. Drape a decorative wool throw blanket on the back of the couch. Place overstuffed pillows that feature a checkered design on the chairs -- which can double as extra seating. Cover beds with patchwork quilts. Place braided or solid-colored shag area rugs on the floors. Suspend a chandelier made of antlers or branches above the dining table. Display family photographs in wrought iron frames. In the kitchen, hang a pot wrought iron pot rack from the ceiling and set baskets on the countertops and above the cabinets.

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