Thursday, December 8, 2011

Decorative Metal Bending Tools

Flat metal strips can be bent to produce scrolls.

Metal bars, rods and strips can be bent or twisted with a few hand tools specifically designed for such work. Hand tools allow metal to be bent without heating it first. Of course, large metal stock will need to be heated and will require large electronic metal forging equipment. The metal hobbyist will only require some basic metal bending hand tools.


Twisters are used for placing decorative twists in a wrought iron bar of 5/8 inch square or in flat metal strips up to 1 inch by 3/8 inch.

Scroll Benders

Hand drawn scroll benders will scroll up to a three-quarters of an inch by three-sixteenths inch flat strip or an eighth inch round rod, with a maximum scroll size of five inches in diameter. The metal does not need to be heated when using hand drawn scroll benders. Capstan operated scroll benders will bend up to a two inch by a quarter inch flat strip of metal and up to a half inch round or square rod. It will bend up to a five-eighths inch round or square rod when the end is heated. Capstan operated scroll benders have interchangeable segments that enable a variety of scroll shapes and sizes up to a maximum of 10 inches.

Three-in-One Tool

Two types of a three in one tool enable riveting of one-eighth inch, bending of three-quarter by one-eighth inch flat strip and rolling of three-quarter inch by one-eighth inch flat strips of metal. This tool will also rivet, bend and roll round and flat bars. Riveting is a method of attaching metal to scroll work if welding is not desired. Rolling produces circles and arcs of various sizes without heating the metal.

Metal Bender HD Tool

A metal bender HD tool enables you to make profiles of animals, cars and countless other objects. From large lawn ornaments to anything your imagination can create. You will need a tracer projector to enlarge any picture and trace it to make a pattern. The metal bender HD tool is then used to bend metal rods according to the pattern. The metal rods are then welded together and painted as desired.

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