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Outdoor Curtain Ideas

Outdoor Curtain Ideas

Outdoor living spaces are an extension of your home, especially when it's warm outside. Depending on your location, you can use them for three or even four seasons so you want to do your best to make them comfortable and inviting. Outside curtains will not only add to your decor, but provide you shade from the hot sun. Curtains also can section off your space and give you privacy from the neighbors. Does this Spark an idea?

Ideas for Hanging

Utilize tension rods and drape curtains along your outside space. Tension rods are not just for shower and closets anymore, they are made bigger and longer. As long as you have two points to wedge the rod in between, this can be an easy way to hang curtains on your patio or porch.

Hang your outside curtains on branches of dried wood that you find on a forest floor in your area. This will add a rustic look to a cabin or cottage-style home. Use large wrought iron hooks, the type made to hang large hanging plants on, as your holders for your branch rods. Curtains can be tacked onto the wood and pulled back in ties when you want to have them open.

Tack your curtains onto your wooden porch or patio with Velcro for the easiest installation of all. Use the self adhesive Velcro to go on the porch or patio molding and then on the fabric. Use a knot stitch every 6 inches or so, to give the fabric and Velcro a secure hold. This works well if you want the curtains up while entertaining. It makes for a quick on and off curtain system.

Ideas for Fabric

Buy the ready-made outdoor curtains for your patio or porch that are offered in stores in different lengths and sizes. These ready-made panels are weather-proofed and made especially for outside use.

Hang weather-proofed fabric that you cut and sew into large panels for your outside space.

Incorporate mosquito netting into your curtain treatments for your outside area. Double hang the curtains alongside the netting for use on the hot summer days and nights. Slide the curtains back and leave the netting exposed to let in the air and keep out the bugs.

Devise some inexpensive outside curtains out of shower curtains. These panels are made to be around moister so they make a great alternative to the more expensive outside drapes.

Ideas for Design

Crisp, plain white curtains work really well to lighten up and cool the appearance of an outdoor space. Give the feeling of a romantic sheik's tent to the open air with pure white drapes.

Stencil solid-color drapes to give them a whimsical look. Go with a theme of nautical, camping, fishing or hunting for a rustic outdoor look. Large-letter stencils can convey the names of your family across the drapes for another fun look.

Make a panel out of every color fabric you can find for a colorful outside space. Bright and airy curtains will add pizzazz to any outside area with this multicolored decor.

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