Friday, December 23, 2011

Install Bookshelves Flush To A Fieldstone Fireplace

A fieldstone fireplace is a dramatic element in any room. You can install bookcases on each side of the fiireplace to add storage and display space to complete the focal point of the room. Installing a bookcase flush with the sides of the the fieldstone may present a challenge since fieldstone fireplaces aren't uniform in shape. An effective solution is to install floating shelves that are supported by wrought iron shelf brackets. This will allow you to customize the length for each shelf so it fits tightly between the side of the fireplace and the wall. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Slide a stud finder along the wall next to the fireplace where you plan to install the bookshelves. Mark the location of the wall studs on the wall with a pencil.

2. Measure 24 inches up from the floor along the wall at each stud marking using a tape measure and mark the measurements with a pencil. Measure up 36 inches from the floor in the same manner and mark the measurements on the wall. These are the recommended heights for the bookshelves.

3. Measure from the end of the wall to the outside edge of the bookcase at the 24 and 36 inch markings. Make a note of each measurement. These measurements are the lengths required for the shelf boards at the respective heights.

4. Lay the walnut boards flat on a work surface. Measure and mark the boards to the measured lengths in step 3.

5. Place the boards on the table of the radial arm saw and guide the saw down through the wood at the pencil mark to cut each to length. Sand the cut edges with a fine-grit sanding block. Wipe off the sanding dust with a tack cloth.

6. Spray each shelf board with an even coat of lacquer. Allow the lacquer to dry for at least four hours and apply a second coat. Wait 24 hours for the second coat to dry.

7. Center one wrought iron shelf bracket over each wall stud marking at the 24 and 36 inch height markings for the two bookshelves. Drive the screws that were included with the brackets through the mounting holes and into the wall studs using a screw gun.

8. Position each shelf board across the top of the brackets at its respective height. Drive the screws included with the brackets through the mounting holes and into the bottom of the shelf boards to fasten them in place.

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