Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Patina A Antique Bronze Finish On Steel/Iron

Antique Bronze Patina on a steel lighting fixture

Antique Bronze is a patina (blue liquid) that instantly imparts a light to dark bronze finish on steel & iron. Antique Bronze is used for lighting fixtures, railings, hardware, gates, gift items, basically anywhere steel or iron need to be given a Antique Bronze Look. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Pre-Cleaning:

The parts should be cleaned and conditioned with Surclean-400 by dipping your pieces, and depending how dirty they are you can scrub with steel wool.(If Surclean-400 is not an option you can sandblast your pieces).

2. Antique Bronze can be sprayed or brushed on steel/iron. For brushing use as is, brush back and fourth a few times and wait for 1-3 minutes.

For spraying, dilute 1:2 with water, dip for 5-30 seconds (depending how light or dark brown you desire.)Rinse with water & dry with rag right away.

3. Protect your finish with a Lacquer/Sealer. I recommend Acrylaq-1045 flat lacquer for exterior and interior. Use as is and spray evenly.

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