Friday, December 9, 2011

Do Metal Sculpture

Metal sculpture is a challenging form of art where you cut, shape and weld metal like recycled iron and scrap metal into any design you can think of. Even some pieces of junk metal or tin cans can be made into wildlife figures or human figures. The metal sculptures can be used as decorations indoors and outdoors. The 6 major materials used in metal sculpture are bronze, zinc, gold, silver, cast iron and lead. Lead is rarely used because it is very heavy. Pure gold metal sculptures are also rare but gold usually is used to plate bronze sculptures.


1. Choose a simple design and make a paper pattern. Then outline the design on the metal using welders chalk.

2. Cut out the design using a torch or die grinder. If you are using a thin metal sheet you can use a metal scissor to cut out the design. Do not worry about rough edges; they can be smoothed later.

3. Use the metal wheel grinder to smooth the cut edges. You can also use a hammer to smooth the edges of cut metal. Place the cut out metal on a sturdy metal surface and slowly hammer the edges.

4. Check for sharp bits by carefully running your finger along the cutout's edge. If there are sharp bits then file gently to remove the sharp bits.

5. Shape the cutout metal according to your design. If you want curves in your metal sculpture you can use an anvil and hammer.

6. Paint your metal sculpture to prevent it from rusting, especially if you want to put it outdoors. You can even adorn your metal sculpture with plastic jewels or paint it with different colors to make it more attractive.

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