Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sheet Metal Art Projects

Patterned sheet metal can be used for different art projects.

Sheet metal is an unusual material to use for art projects as it is very thin and can be bent, welded and shaped to create discrete sculptures or incorporated into art installations that use many different pieces of sheet metal fit together. Sheet metal can also be used as a sort of canvas and be painted with different designs.

Metal Sculptures

Thin sheet metal can be molded and twisted to form shapes and sculptures which are angular and bent, melted or folded in certain designs or shapes. With proper talent, a piece of sheet metal can be folded to look like a metal piece of origami, similar to one of the myriad of shapes, be it animal or object, which origami paper is used for. As both paper and sheet metal are thin, the sculptures made from each must operate on the same principles of folding one part over to create certain lines or reinforce the strength of a certain section of the design.

Metal Canvas

Sheet metal can also be painted as if it were a canvas, using either a single piece of sheet metal for a painting or whole murals or mosaics using a number of different pieces of sheet metal. Certain types of paints adhere to metal better than others and will give the painting a different look or style from how the same painting would look on canvas or wood.

Sheet Metal Welding

Sheet metal can also be taken apart and pieced back together in a sculpture-type structure, allowing the sheet metal pieces to be used to cover a larger artistic piece or be pieced together to form something entirely unique. This will take training and skill at welding pieces of metal together, as well as melting them apart in the proper sizes so that they can be used for other parts of the art installation. When the sheet metal can be made into a malleable material, a talented artist can do just about anything with it.

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