Thursday, December 1, 2011

Repair Rust On A Wrought Iron Fence With Putty

Kneading putty is versatile for use on metal, wood, masonry, plastics and ceramics. It can be shaped, sanded and painted after being molded onto the damaged areas. Wrought iron fences can become rusted, and minor rust can corrode the iron. Eventually pieces of the fence will break off. Small rusted sections can be repaired by applying putty. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Clean the area. Sand off the rusty area with steel scrub or coarse sandpaper. For more serious rust damage, use a sandblaster to remove the hardened rust. Then clean the area with a clean, wet cloth.

2. Cut off the amount of putty you need to repair the rusted area. Wear gloves before handling putty. Knead the putty. If it is difficult to knead, store at room temperature before kneading.

3. Apply the putty onto the rusted areas of the fence within two minutes of kneading. Shape the putty onto the fence as much as possible with your hands. Mold the shape if needed.

4. Remove excess putty and smooth out edges with a putty knife. Smooth with a damp cloth. Clean off any residue with acetone before the putty hardens, usually within 10 minutes.

5. Smooth rough patches or edges with medium coarse sandpaper. The putty also can be drilled into and painted on after drying.

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