Thursday, January 31, 2013

Create A Vintagechic Small Bathroom

Victorian touches give this small bathroom a vintage look.

Small bathrooms come with their own set of design challenges. Because of their size, fixtures and furniture are scaled down sometimes resulting in a ho-hum space with little style. This doesn't have to be the case. Whether you prefer romantic Victorian décor or charming farmhouse style, with a few design tricks you can create a small but chic bathroom. And you don't have to live in a vintage home to achieve success. Does this Spark an idea?



1. Choose a small pedestal sink and forgo the double sink arrangement possible in a larger bathroom. Hang an oval mirror in an intricately carved frame above it. Flank the mirror with reproduction or refurbished Victorian wall sconces. Be sure they are small enough not the overshadow the sink and mirror but large enough to provide enough light.

2. Shop for a slipper tub rather than a full size pedestal or soaking tub. Install a shower head and hang the curtain from a circular rod above the tub to avoid taking up space with a separate shower.

3. Lay black and white octagonal tiles on the floor. Install simple white subway tiles three quarters of the way up the wall. Wallpaper the upper half. Avoid wallpaper with large patterns, as they take up too much space visually. Choose one with a small floral or striped pattern.

4. Dress the window in sheer cotton or lace curtains. Add a vintage touch with a roller shade for privacy.

5. Tuck a small plank bottom chair into a corner to hold towels. Store linens and toiletries in a small chest of drawers like one originally built for a child's room. Place a crocheted doily on top and center it with a small china vase filled with roses.

6. Keep the color palette simple. Choose shades of white for towels, shower curtains and bathmats. Add a pop of color with an Oriental style throw rug.


7. Drop a bathroom-sized, farmhouse-style, apron front sink into a small vanity. Remove the doors. Soften the look with a curtain to hide the plumbing and provide storage.

8. Install bead board three quarters of the way up the walls. Paint it white, light blue, pink or green. Top it with a shelf to hold toiletries and perhaps a collection of vintage soap dishes or medicine bottles. Paint the top of the wall the same color as the bead board to make the room look larger. Paint the ceiling white to fool the eye into thinking it is higher than it really is.

9. Hang an antique medicine cabinet above the sink.

10. Give the room vintage country flair with a small, wrought iron chandelier.

11. Paint the floor in a checkerboard pattern.

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