Friday, January 11, 2013

Ideas For Making Wall Shelves

With space always at a premium in households, shelving is a good alternative for storage. Wall shelving ideas are creative and add a new touch to any room. Added space created by wall shelves solves problems of miscellaneous items that are usually lying around, such as pictures, clocks or baskets. Does this Spark an idea?

Space Savers

Anywhere there is an open space on a wall, attach a wall shelf unit to the wall. Shelving units come in various sizes that are mounted on the wall. Wood grain, white, silver and gray finishes are available. Bracket styles are available as well. Bracket styles, which make the shelf look like it is free floating, include wrought iron and wood.

Corner Shelving

Corner shelves incorporate little used space in the corner. Wood corner shelves are up to five shelves high and are commonly wood or wrought iron. This style is good in a bedroom or living room. A dining room benefits from this style as well to display antique stemware or dishes.

Create a wall decoration in addition to storage space by placing three or more shelves in a random pattern on the wall. Live plants, photos, candles and knick-knacks can be displayed.

Other Items

Consider other items for wall shelves. For instance, a wall wine rack is excellent in the bathroom. Attach the wine rack to the wall, roll a towel up and place in each hole. This space saver creates much needed space in the bathroom.

While in the bathroom, anchor a full-size (5 feet tall) shelf unit to the wall. Attach a decorative sheet to the sides of the shelf and the formerly open shelf is now serviceable as a multi-tiered bathroom cabinet. Many things can be stored in this unit. Toilet articles, extra toilet tissue, additional towels, hand towels and washcloths will quickly fill the wall unit.

Milk Crates

Plastic milk crates in multiple colors and attached to each other with vinyl snap strips are excellent in a child's bedroom. Attach the crates to the wall at the child's height. They hold books, stuffed animals, car collections, doll collections or any other important items important to a child's life. After all, children are proud to display their things as well.

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