Monday, January 28, 2013

Italian Decorating Ideas


Add a touch of elegance to your home by decorating with an Italian style. Italian-inspired decorations and furniture pieces can turn your living room or bedroom into sophisticated spaces. Use a Tuscan theme, reminiscent of the Italian countryside, to create a charming, rustic look in your kitchen. Italian décor is enhanced by rich, neutral shades with bright pops of color. Does this Spark an idea?

Italian Chic

Use lush white leather furniture to create a chic Italian look in your living room. Enhance soft leather couches and chairs with silk-covered pillows in shades of deep red, golden yellow and burnt orange.

Add marble accents, such as hallway flooring, or opulent tabletops. Italian flooring elements include colorful mosaic, terra cotta and ceramic tiles.

Create a sleek, modern look by buying silver or chrome floor lamps with an abstract design. Enhance walls with Renaissance-style oil paintings, or brightly colored wall tapestries and rugs.

Tuscan Theme

Celebrate the Italian countryside by decorating your kitchen with a Tuscan theme, which includes grapes, wine and herbs.

Hang strings of purple grape-shaped lights around doorways and windows to provide soft lighting during dinner parties and intimate meals. Use vintage wine bottles to hold fresh-cut or dried flowers, and paint olive oil bottles with grape and vine designs.

Keep terra cotta pots of fresh Italian herbs, such as basil, oregano and lavender, handy for Tuscany-inspired recipes.

Replace your formal dinner table with a rustic, rough-hewn wood version, which is reminiscent of those used in Italian farmhouses.

Natural Elements

Italian decorating incorporates many natural elements, from fabrics to hardware. In the bedroom, use rich Italian silk bedding, or replace dresser hardware with wrought iron versions for a rustic look.

In the kitchen, hang copper lighting fixtures, and by a copper sink and coordinating faucets. Natural stone or marble counter tops will add to the organic feel of the space.

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