Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Patio Ideas For Homes With Pools

There are various ways in which your patio and pool can be tied together.

When adding a pool to your landscape, consider redefining your patio in a minor or even major way that will tie it to your new swimming area. Also consider adding adjacent water features that will enhance your landscape and add a new dimension to your backyard. Does this Spark an idea?

Tropical Getaway

A palapa adds a tropical flair to your patio and pool area.

An iconic feature for a tropical poolside patio is a palapa, an umbrella crafted from palm thatch. Install a palapa over your dining or bar area on your patio. Plant small palm trees and containers of vibrant-colored hibiscus on your patio. Put in a sand beach area adjacent to your pool on the opposite side from the patio. Rim the outer edge of your sandy beach with a stacked-stone wall to complete the natural look of your landscape. Add a freestanding fire pit and up lighting that highlights your palm plantings to create a nighttime ambiance that provides the flavor of the tropics.

Mediterranean Bliss

Citrus trees along the edge of your pool and patio lend a Mediterranean feel to your backyard.

Swimming pools are a classic feature in Mediterranean design, as are other water features. Bring a Mediterranean flavor to your poolside patio by adding flagstone or travertine tile to your patio's foundation. Carved stone or molded concrete tables and chairs featuring swirled pedestals are characteristic of Mediterranean design. Cushions, pillows and curtains in vibrant oranges, blues and gold add to the warm, sunny feel of your patio. Install rejas--decorative wrought-iron grills--outside your patio walls and fill them with the lush blooms of petunias, bougainvillea and geraniums. Construct an outdoor kitchen area out of light-colored stacked stone with a mosaic tile back splash behind the counter. Plant dwarf olive trees, citrus trees, Italian cypress, juniper or an herb border of sage, basil, oregano and rosemary to your patio surround to polish off the Mediterranean feel of your patio and pool area.

Victorian Splendor

Wrought-iron furnishings add Victorian flair to your pool and patio.

Ornate wrought-iron furniture is key to the poolside Victorian patio. Set up a cherub fountain as a stepdown between your patio and pool, with the connecting walkway splitting around this water feature. Plant a rose border around your patio and create an L-shaped miniature rose garden at one of your pool's far corners to tie the two spaces together. A circular garden house with a large number of windows will add a Victorian feel when positioned at the edge of your patio and abutting the pool. Elaborate concrete or marble urns filled with boxwoods or lavender add a lushness to your Victorian landscape.

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