Friday, January 11, 2013

Decorate In A Rustic Old World Style Theme

Use the Tuscan countryside as color inspiration when decorating in an old world style.

Old world decor is an eclectic mix of Tuscan and French country styles, among other European touches. The style combines rustic, earthy elements with rich, elegant fabrics and patterns. Old world style is comfortable yet refined, making it ideal for both formal dining rooms and farmhouse-inspired kitchens. When decorating your home with an rustic, old world style, include a mix of polished and natural textured pieces. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Decorate with earthy Tuscan-inspired colors. Set the stage for old world style by painting walls a neutral ecru or tan shade. Choose a rich burgundy couch and love seat set featuring rustic wood details. Add an artistic touch to a bathroom with a wall mural featuring rolling Tuscan fields of green and gold. Create an inviting kitchen with sunny yellow walls and plates featuring dark red rooster patterns.

2. Create an old world style with distressed, timeworn materials. Choose a rough-hewn dining room table constructed of reclaimed barn or old farmhouse wood. Replace outdated kitchen countertops with natural stone versions. Hang a vintage handmade quilt on an antique wood rack. Use a vintage cedar chest as a coffee table. Display porcelain plates featuring grape designs on a vintage baker's rack.

3. Enhance your home with rich fabrics featuring an old world flair. Cover a formal dining room table with an opulent gold and brown brocade runner. Hang a damask shower curtain featuring a large rose pattern in your bathroom. Decorate a den or living room wall with a tapestry displaying rustic shades of brick red, burnt orange, chocolate brown and sage green. Create a romantic old world-inspired bedroom with deep red velvet drapes held back with gold cords featuring tassels. Create a French country look with black-and-white toile curtains.

4. Display rustic wrought iron accent pieces. Hang a wrought iron chandelier featuring lacy scrollwork over a dining room table. Install wrought iron sconces on either side of a bed. Use wrought iron towel racks in a bathroom.

5. Recreate the look of a Tuscan or French countryside with an abundance of green plants. Display a fragrant lavender plant in a rustic terra-cotta pot in a bathroom. Create an indoor herb garden featuring basil, oregano and other Italian-inspired flavors in your kitchen. Wrap ivy around shelves, racks, windows and doorways.

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