Monday, January 21, 2013

Modern Country Kitchen Ideas

Hang pots from a wrought iron rack.

Country kitchen design does not have to look like a kitchen on a farm, complete with gingham curtains and pictures of cows. There is a modern variation of this design style. To create a modern country kitchen, use muted neutrals and rustic elements. Include aspects of roosters and other farm animals, but in a tasteful and understated way. Does this Spark an idea?


To create your modern country kitchen, use images of farm animals sparingly and in soft colors. Add geese, roosters or ducks to your kitchen by incorporating them as images on coffee mugs. Another idea is to have serving platters or plates with pictures of roosters on them. They should not be brightly colored; cream or yellow is ideal. Display the platters on lightly-painted shelves or display cases.


Use natural materials in the kitchen, such as wood, stone or tiles made of ceramic. Light wood or white cabinets are ideal in this kitchen. Add glass fronts on the cabinets for a modern touch. Use hand-painted tiles as the backsplash in the kitchen. Keep them in earth tones and soft colors, including sage green and cornflower blue.


Add rustic touches to your kitchen. Hang a wrought iron rack from the ceiling and hang copper pots from it. Add framed prints with images of farm houses. On one of the shelves in your kitchen, display three vintage milk bottles for a homey feel. A vintage tea kettle and serving tray also looks nice.


Paint the kitchen walls in a soft neutral color, such as cream or tan. Another option is a muted sage green. Paint the trim and the doors a crisp white color. Keep the appliances in the kitchen in similar neutral tones.

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