Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Small Iron Work Projects

Iron works are carefully designed and created.

Ironwork projects are a fun way to express yourself through artistic creativity. Small projects are made with the proper tools and furnace. Dedication and attention to detail are essential to working with iron because the metal must be bent while it is red hot and molded quickly into the needed shape. Ironwork is a difficult task that produces beautiful personalized gifts.


A candelabra is an elegant candle holder that has many designs. This type of candle holder holds many candles and may have them arranged in straight line or in a square. Creating the candelabra with iron works is a project that requires skill and speedy work. A small anvil is used to create the smaller curves in the candelabra arms. Each arm holding a candle will have matching designs, therefore precision and an ability to follow directions completely are essential skills for the completion of the project.

Window Box

A window box is a small metal box with an open top in which the box owner can place flower pots or other outdoor items. The box has long, thin hooks to latch onto the windowsill and yet allow the window to mostly close. An iron filigree window box adds style to a featureless window. Using a small anvil and pinpoint tools, the creator will build a box with creatively conducted filigree or flowery styled patterns in the side panels. The bottom panel can also be filigree, however, heavier items will, over time, cause sagging in a non-solid panel.

Celtic Cross Wall Hanging

A Celtic cross is a specific item that needs special care to bw created right. Begin with the base which is the bottom section of the cross. Then build the cross beams of equal length across and vertically and hammer it onto the top of the base. This section will need to be created using the specific Celtic knots, which are outlined lines crossing over each other in sharp corners and points, found on ancient Celtic crosses in Ireland. The circle around the arms of the cross can be either solid or can created with the Celtic knots also, depending upon the artist's desire.

Coat Hooks

Coat hooks are made ornamental pieces of the home's aesthetics by building them with eccentric curves and angles. Creating the hook with two or three unconventionally shaped hooks is easily done with quick action with the hammer and anvil. This project is perfect for a small gift due to the originality of the piece and the ever-present need to hang coats. Making a wall hook on a hinge also adds appeal as the hook then can lay flat against the wall when not in use.

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