Monday, January 14, 2013

Install Sections Of An Iron Fence

Iron fences are useful as well as attractive.

An iron fence adds a decorative accent to a home and it also provides protection from animals such as large dogs. These fences come in sections that are installed between fence posts. The project presents a bit of a challenge for the average homeowner. With the proper preparation and tools, the task can go smoothly. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Unpack the fence section from the shipping carton and separate the hardware and components.

2. Install the fence post caps by placing one on top of each fence post. Drive one of the supplied screws through the side of the fence post cap and into the fence post to secure it.

3. Lay one fencing section on the ground and place two two fence posts on either side. Slide the ends of the fencing section into the sides of the two fence posts. Screw in the attaching hardware (if applicable) to secure the fencing section in place.

4. Measure the length between the two fence posts with a tape measure. Dig two holes with a post-hole digger this distance apart where the fence will be installed. Each hole should be about one foot in diameter and about two feet deep, but this may vary depending on your fence size and soil type. Make sure the holes are deep enough to support the fence.

5. Set the fencing section into place with the posts set into the holes. Shovel some dirt around the fence posts to hold the fence in place. Use a carpenter's level to ensure the fence is straight and level. Level both the top of the fence (along the top rail of the fencing section) and sides of each post. Adjust the fence as necessary to achieve a level setting.

6. Combine the concrete mix and the proper amount of water in a wheelbarrow. Pour the concrete around the fence posts until it is two inches below ground level. Level the fence posts one last time and adjust the fence if necessary.

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