Friday, January 18, 2013

Decorate A Tuscan Style Living Room

If you wish you could live in Italy's green rolling hills, amongst vineyards and welcoming locals, with windows overlooking a mix of farmhouses and villas, you should consider decorating your living room in a Tuscan design style. By using a combination of the right colors and textures, the ideal ambient lighting and the proper furnishings and accessories, you can come home to a room that makes you feel as though you have been swept away to a Tuscan village. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Start from the ground up when decorating your living room. Select flooring that looks as though it belongs in a Tuscan villa. Some suitable choices include terra cotta tile; travertine, which is a natural stone closely related to limestone; wide, rustic wood flooring or marble with decorative inlays.

2. Apply stucco to the walls in your living room to add Tuscan character to otherwise smooth and untextured walls. Paint walls in a warm, rich color such as ochre, terra cotta or burnt sienna. You can also perform wall treatments such as glazing or color washing, which give walls a rustic, aged appearance.

3. Adorn walls with rich, storied tapestries or a hand-painted mural depicting the view of a Tuscan garden or verdant countryside. Scrolled vanilla white, deep brown or camel-colored crown molding on corners, around fireplaces and along the ceiling, as well as rosettes or ceiling medallions are opulent choices that will take your living room to the next level.

4. Light your living room with lamps and fixtures that look provincial and aged. Wrought iron chandeliers, burnished sconces and bronze or iron lamps with amber-colored glass or fabric lampshades are all apt choices.

5. Accessorize and furnish your living room with Tuscan-inspired finds, such as detailed wrought iron wall decor, candelabras or plant stands, furniture in dark, rich or rustic, reclaimed woods and pieces decorated with mosaic tiles. Don't worry if your furniture is mismatched and eclectic, as this is consistent with true Tuscan homes.

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