Monday, January 28, 2013

Remove Paint From Outdoor Furniture

Remove Paint From Outdoor Furniture

Old paint from outdoor furniture might need to be removed before applying a new color, or to restore the furniture to its original condition. Whether it be metal or wooden outdoor furniture, the appropriate solvent and the proper technique can remove the existing paint. The task can be completed in a timely matter if the right method is used. The right method will be determined by the type of paint that is being removed and the material of the furniture. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Choose a chemical paint stripper available in a variety of applications. Liquid and aerosol paint strippers are effective for removing up to two layers of paint, while a brushable paste-like formula can be applied in heavy coats to strip several layers of paint at a time.

2. Remove any cushions or coverings from the furniture. Clean the surface using a damp cloth to remove any loose dirt or residue.

3. Protect your hands with rubber gloves to avoid alkaline burns from the paint remover. Apply it to a manageable area using a brush, spray can or dry rag. Refer to the directions on the product label to allow the paint to soften for the instructed length of time.

4. Use a chemical-resistant blade to scrape the loosened paint from the furniture. Keep a hose or bucket of water nearby to frequently rinse the furniture of excess paint as you go.

5. Follow up the scraping with a medium grade of steel wool or scouring pad for a thorough removal. Wetting the furniture before scrubbing it will also help with hard-to-remove spots.

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