Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Decorate A Window Box With Curtains And Blinds

Decorate a window box.

Window boxes are a decorative way to bring color, style and elegance to any window design. Their fairytale-like appearance make them an intriguing addition to a variety of window styles. Old World rustic cottages, Tuscan villas and French chateaus provide attractive motifs for a window box design. The incorporation of curtains and blinds to a window box decor also makes a visual statement on both the interior and exterior of the home. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Select a window box design.

Choose a window box. Select a window box that harmonizes with the theme and decor of the home. Rustic wrought-iron window boxes can be used for homes that have an Old-World design element, such as English Tudor or a Tuscan villa motif. Wooden window boxes are an attractive design for cottage or country homes. Fanciful metallic or contemporary synthetic window boxes can be used to adorn windows with a more modern structure.

2. Choose colorful flowers.

Add colorful flowers and soil to the window box. It is important to select annuals that are best suited for the window design. Check the amount of full sun or shade flowers would be subject to in the window box. Add flowers to the window box that require a fair amount of water but are not easily damaged by wind or rain. Since installed window boxes are a permanent feature, they cannot be removed during adverse weather conditions. As a result, flowers need to be tolerant of the temperatures and weather conditions in the area. Provide adequate soil, so the flowers will be able to retain water and nourishment.

3. Decorate with colorful shutters.

Decorate the exterior of the window. Complement the outside of the window with decorative wooden shutters or artistic window treatments. Scrolling wrought iron, board and batten shutters and ornate wooden accents can be used to draw attention to the window design. Paint shutters and window trim a vibrant color to accentuate the details of the window and window box. Shades of blue, green and brown tend to be the most attractive color options due to their earthy and natural harmony with the outdoor world. Cheerful red or yellow paint colors can also be used to make an artistic statement in an exterior window design.

4. Add light-colored window curtains.

Add curtains to the interior of the window. Sheer fabrics, soft cottons and fresh linen materials provide an airy element. You should be able to tie back the curtains or slide them to the side of the window so you can water and tend to the flowers in the window box.

5. Choose window blinds.

Select decorative wooden, vinyl or fabric blinds that can be adjusted to moderate the amount of sunlight that enters the room. Since light-colored and fair textured materials are used in the curtain design, blinds will provide the needed privacy and room darkening features that may be necessary during the brightest part of the day. Choose blinds that can be drawn completely up to the top of the window so window box watering and maintenance won't be difficult. Beige, white or natural wood stain colors are the best options for blinds, so the attention is not drawn to the blinds themselves but to the artistic and colorful outdoor appeal of the window box.

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