Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Repaint A Wrought Iron Fence

An intricate wrought iron fence can take a lot of patience to repaint.

Reminiscent of British parks and Boston Common, wrought iron is perhaps the most elegant choice for fencing. Properly cared for, a wrought iron fence will last for decades. Once a year, you should wipe down the fence with white vinegar on a cloth. Apply a coat of car wax to help preserve the paint and keep rust away. Once rust does set in, or the fence begins to blister or flake, it's time to repaint.


1. Scrub all the surfaces of the fence with a steel wire brush to remove rust and flaking paint. Areas where the paint has bubbled means there is rust underneath the paint. Break through the bubbled paint with a screwdriver, then use the steel wire brush to get rid of flakes. For really heavy rust, you may need to use a coarse file to remove it. You should wear goggles and protective gloves to remove the paint. If there is a lot of flaking paint or rust, consider wearing a respirator.

2. Spray the fence with a commercial rust remover to eliminate any rust you may have missed. Depending on the size of the fence, you can use spray cans or a paint sprayer rented from your local home improvement store. If your fence is mounted on a brick surface or near plantings that could be damaged by the spray, place old newspapers under the fence.

3. Sand the surfaces lightly with 100-grit sandpaper. A sanding block that conforms to the surfaces you are sanding is the most efficient tool for accomplishing this task. In the rusty spots, you must get down to bare metal to ensure all of the rust is gone.

4. Apply a coat of oil-based clean metal primer and let it dry according to the manufacturer's instructions. Again, your choice of spray cans or a paint sprayer will depend on the size of the fence. Rust-Oleum and APOC® 250 Fast Dry White Metal Primer are examples of metal primer that would be suitable for this step.

5. Paint or spray the fence with black rust-resistant paint for exterior use. Follow the manufacturer's directions regarding the number of coats you should apply and the drying time between coats of paint.

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