Friday, October 11, 2013

Clean Algae From Porch Railings

Removing algae and dirt from your porch railings will help your home maintain its exterior appeal. You may want to complete this simple process as part of your basic home maintenance or prior to repainting and staining your porch. It may take take some time, but with the right tools you will see immediate results. Does this Spark an idea?


Clean Algae From Porch Railings

1. Fill the bucket with water and biodegradable cleaner as indicated on the manufacturer's label---generally a 1-to-1 ratio.

2. Dip the brush into the cleaning solution.

3. Scrub the areas of the porch railing covered in algae. A circular motion works well to loosen up the dirt, algae, mildew and grime on the porch.

4. Spray the railing with the power washer. This will remove all the dirt, grime, cleanser and unsightly algae. Start on one end and work your way across at a slow, consistent pace. Wash the railings from the top down, making sure to get into any groove that may contain algae to prevent its premature return.

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