Monday, October 28, 2013

Refinish Wrought Iron Handrails

Before you attempt to paint wrought iron handrails, consider a few important points. Bare wrought iron will reject painted finishes unless it is conditioned in the appropriate manner. If you want the handrails to accept paint, treat them with an acidic self-etching primer. Because wrought iron is prone to rust, select an etching primer with rust-inhibitive additives, or oxidation is likely to occur. Apply each finish using the correct tools, or unforeseen consequences could arise.


1. Wash the wrought iron handrails with soap and steel wool. Rinse the handrails, using a pressure washer or wet rags. Allow the rails to dry for two to three hours.

2. Apply painter's tape to the wrought iron support balusters and other surfaces that will remain unfinished. Cover the area underneath the rails with drop cloths.

3. Coat the wrought iron handrails with rust-inhibitive etching primer, using a natural-bristled brush. Brush horizontally, smoothing drips as you notice them. Allow the rails to dry for three hours.

4. Wash the brush with mineral spirits.

5. Paint the wrought iron handrails just as you primed them. Use an oil enamel. Allow the rails to dry for three hours.

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