Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Instructions On Painting Metal Mailboxes

Metal mailboxes are often available in thrift stores, flea markets, antique stores and garage sales. When decoratively painted, they're great as primitive or country accent pieces, and can still be functional with a little weatherproofing. Be as plain or fancy as you wish when painting your mail box, which requires only a few materials, simple tools, and some basic painting skills. Does this Spark an idea?

Types of Paint

If you're going to use the mailbox outdoors, use weatherproof paint such as Rustoleum or an oil-based enamel. If you're going to keep it indoors as a decorative item, your paint choices are fairly unlimited, and include acrylic, oils or enamels.


Begin by doing some prep work. You might want to wear a double layer of vinyl or latex gloves, which afford you dexterity while protecting your hands. Use a flashlight to check inside the mail box for any sharp edges. Wash and dry the mail box thoroughly. Use some bathroom caulking to seal the inside edges of the mailbox seams. Use your finger to push the caulk into any seams. This will help weatherproof the mailbox and prevent your mail from becoming wet in inclement weather. If you are using the box indoors, you can skip this step. Lightly sand the outside of the mailbox with 000-gauge sandpaper to smooth the surface and prepare it for the paint. Wipe with a damp rag to remove any dust and let the mailbox air dry. Coat the outside of the mailbox with acrylic primer or sealer. Allow to dry thoroughly.

Decorating the Mailbox

You have many painting options for your mailbox: use a solid color or add designs, faux finishes or figures. If you don't want to paint your own designs, purchase vinyl designs and lettering from an art or hobby stores; you'll find what you want near the scrapbooking materials. Rub vinyl designs on the mailbox with a popsicle stick, usually included in the package. If you are using the mailbox as an indoor decoration, you may want to paint the interior of the box with a solid color as well. Allow the decorative painting to dry for 24 hours.

Protective Coating

Spray two to three coats of acrylic clear coat over the entire piece, allowing each application to dry thoroughly before applying the next coat. Acrylic clear coat comes in matte (satin) or gloss (shiny) finishes. If you are going to use the mailbox outdoors, you may want to go with a matte finish. Allow to dry 24 hours before installing your newly painted mailbox outdoors.

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