Friday, October 25, 2013

Decorate A Room With A Black Iron Bed

Black iron beds come in many designs.

Decorating a bedroom with a black iron bed doesn't mean that it has to look like your grandparents' bedroom. Making the most of the black color and sturdy structure of the iron bed enables you to transform the space into a contemporary, Mediterranean or funky style. Many people purchase iron beds because they desire a Victorian or country style in their bedrooms. The key is to select the right paint color, bedding, curtains, upholstered furniture and other accouterments. Iron beds are available in styles that range from clean lines to those that have a lot of scrollwork and detail. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Paint the walls white to add a clean, crisp look to the room. Using blue, pink, or grass-green accessories enhances the fresh, airy look. Darker paints add a contemporary look, while pastels on the wall work well for a Victorian or country-style bedroom.

2. Add a romantic look to the bedroom by choosing the bedding and draperies in a pastel, floral print. This softens the look of the black iron.

3. Pick Victorian lamps, wall art and other accessories for the room to contrast the look of the sturdy black iron bed. Select fabrics for the bed and curtains that have lace, ribbons or scalloped edges.

4. Alternate black and white throughout the room to add a contemporary or minimalist appeal to the space. Choose black and white stripes for the rugs, bedding and upholstery. Another option is to select bold slashes of the colors or geometric prints. Pick decor with simple lines and few details to add to the contemporary atmosphere.

5. Stack vintage pieces of luggage on top of each other to create a nightstand with an old-fashioned appeal. Lay the luggage items on their sides, using the largest piece on the bottom and adding gradually smaller pieces toward the top. Combine this antique-looking nightstand with a chenille bedspread or an antique quilt to add country charm.

6. Pick bold, funky colors to give a child's or young adult's bedroom a modern theme. Choose bedding, decorative pillows and other accessories in hot pink, bright orange, royal blue, bright red or a neon green shade. Accent the room with decor in the same or coordinating colors, along with touches of black, to provide unity.

7. Stencil grapevines, fleurs-de-lis or other European motifs on the walls, or use wallpaper border if the black iron bed has lots of scrollwork, detail or curvy lines. This lends a Mediterranean feel to the bedroom. Utilizing fabrics in purple, gold, terra cotta and rich taupe heightens the European flair.

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