Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Styles Of Heavy Wrought Iron Chairs

Wrought iron chairs are often sold as part of a patio set.

If you want chairs with a graceful design and maximum durability, opt for heavy wrought iron chairs. The chairs are strong enough for outdoor use, but elegant enough to use inside your home. Choose the accessories in the same material or mix and match with wood furniture. Regardless of your decorating taste, you can find a chair that matches your style. Does this Spark an idea?

Side Chairs

Side chairs feature four legs, a seat and a seat back, all made from heavy-duty wrought iron. Manufacturers use wrought iron rods and bend or shape those rods into the furniture. Most chairs feature multiple pieces of iron welded together for a strong hold. Bistro chairs are a type of side chairs that often feature a fabric-covered padded seat. The frame or construction of the chair can be both simple and highly designed with scrolls and curves. The chairs pair nicely with a small bistro or pub table.

Coiled Spring Chairs

Coiled spring chairs recreate the feel of a rocking chair, but without the curved rockers on the bottom. The chairs use coiled springs underneath the seat. As you move and shift, the chair rocks back and forth. Chairs of this style work well outdoors on lawns and porches, but also give a living room or bedroom an old-fashioned charm. Make the chair more comfortable with the addition of a seat cushion or tie-on seat pad.

Arm Chairs

Armchairs resemble side chairs, but have armrests on either side. Some designers refer to the chairs as captain's chairs because the chairs often sit at the head of a table. The other chairs at the table are simple side chairs. The chairs typically feature a design made from curved pieces of wrought iron the back and seat. You may find bent or curved iron pieces forming the base for a more stylized design. Armchairs are also available in the coiled spring design.


Wrought iron furniture is suitable for porches, sun rooms, dining rooms, living rooms and lawns. Quality pieces feature braces or supports that hold the individual rods together. The chairs only require annual washing and up to three washings per year depending on the amount of grit and dirt. Bathroom cleaning products remove minor scratches and surface stains. Coating the pieces with spray lubricant or car wax reduces the risks of rusting. Most chairs come in shades of black, white and dark green, but surface coatings increase the available colors.

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