Tuesday, October 22, 2013

What Use To Cut Metal Bar Stools

Bar stools are commonly constructed from sturdy metals and bolted or otherwise fastened to floors to keep them from shifting or falling over. This makes stools very sturdy, but can make them difficult to remove. If you need to shorten or cut off a mounted bar stool, there are a few basic tools that you should consider. Does this Spark an idea?

Manual Tools

Perhaps the most basic metal cutting tool is the hacksaw. A hacksaw is a fairly small bow-shaped saw with a blade consisting of very small teeth that tear away at metal. Hacksaws can be used to cut though all kinds of metal objects, from wire to pipes to bar stool legs. The best way to use a hacksaw is to secure the object you are cutting firmly in a vise and cut downward. If you are cutting a stool that is secured to the floor, you may have to cut horizontally; it can be very difficult to apply enough pressure with a hacksaw to cut efficiently if you are trying to cut with the saw horizontally. Another option for cutting metal is a heavy-duty bolt cutter. Bolt cutters use powerful jaws and leverage to snip metal; although they are made for bolts, they will cut almost anything that can fit within thier jaws. A thin-legged stool might fit in the jaws of a bolt cutter.

Power Tools

If you have a heavy bar stool with large, thick legs or attachments, manual tools will likely require too much effort to make them worthwhile. One of the best power tools for cutting metal is a reciprocating saw. A reciprocating saw is a hand-held saw that uses a single straight blade with a powerful push and pull action to cut through different types of material. Reciprocating saws can handle many different types of materials, depending on the type of blade used. For bar stools, a hacksaw-style blade with small teeth will enable the saw to cut quickly and cleanly. Another power tool option is a cold saw. Cold saws cut using a very hard circular blade that rotates at a fairly low speed. Cold saws are fairly clunky and less nimble than reciprocating saws, which may make it more difficult to cut a horizontal surface. While most people do not own power saws for cutting metal, many hardware stores will rent power tools for a few hours or days depending on your needs. Using a power tool can significantly reduce the amount of work and time it takes to cut metal.

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