Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Install Metal End Trellis Posts

Climbing plants will grab anything within reach to climb up. If you do not wish the plant to adhere itself to your home's siding or a nearby tree, install a trellis. Trellises come in a variety of sizes and styles. Metal trellises are sturdy and long-lasting. Before you begin this project, select a location where the trellis will stand out and add beauty to your garden. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Pound a 3-foot stake 16 inches into the ground at the desired location. Place the trellis on the ground and position one metal leg directly in front of the stake. Gently push the trellis' other leg slightly into the ground to mark its location. Set the trellis aside.

2. Hammer a second 3-foot stake 16 inches into the ground slightly behind the mark left behind by the metal trellis leg. Measure both stakes to ensure they protrude from the ground an equal amount.

3. Place the trellis' metal legs directly in front of both wooden stakes. Hold a level on the trellis and adjust it as necessary until it rests straight on the ground.

4. Cut four pieces of steel wire approximately 10 inches long, using tin snips. Tie one wire around the metal leg and stake approximately 3 inches up from the ground. Tie a second wire around the metal leg and stake approximately 3 inches down from the stake's top. Repeat on the second metal leg and stake.

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