Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Magnetize With A Hammer

The earth acts much like a magnet. For this reason, pieces of iron or steel often have a magnetic effect whey they lie in a north-south direction. For magnetism to occur, electrons need to spin in the same direction. This process can take place naturally in some items. You can even cause this process to occur in everyday items, like a hammer.


1. Hold a piece of iron or steel so that it's facing north and south. Use a compass to ensure you're holding it in the right direction.

2. Align the object along the earth's magnetic lines of force for best results.

3. Consider tilting the north end of the object downward if you live in the Northern Hemisphere. This sounds easier than it is. It may be necessary to try several angles of inclination to align the object properly with the earth's magnetic lines of force.

4. Tap one end of the object (it doesn't matter which one) approximately 20 times. If you prefer, you may hit the object very hard a few times instead. Tapping causes the molecules to line up, making them easier to magnetize. This is magnetizing by induction (forcing of an object).

5. Attempt picking up some iron filings. If the magnetizing was successful, the object will attract the filings. Sometimes it takes more than one try before the process works.

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