Friday, October 4, 2013

Weld With A 7018 Stick

Use personal protective equipment when welding.

Stick welding is a form of shielded metal arc welding. It is used in heavy construction, the utility industry, building power plants and oil refineries. In the welding process, electrical current passes through an electrode to create an electrical arc that melts both the electrode and the base metal. The 7018 electrode, or stick, is a low-hydrogen, all-position electrode with 70,000 psi tensile strength. A weld's tensile strength is the stress the weld can bear. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Put on personal protective equipment, such as safety glasses, welding gloves and a welding helmet. The arc welding produces is bright and can damage eyes and skin. Shield yourself from the arc, and shield the arc from the view of other people.

2. Clean the surface of the material you want to weld. Remove paint, rust, dirt and oil on the surface. That will help you make a good-looking weld allow the metal to fuse below the surface.

3. Adjust the amperage on the welding machine based on the size of the 7018 electrode you use and the type of base metal you weld. Thick base metals can be used with larger diameter electrodes but require higher amperage settings on a welding machine.

4. Tap the electrode on the surface of the material you want to weld to initiate the welding process. Hold the electrode perpendicular to the surface while keeping the top of the electrode 5 to 15 degrees ahead of the bottom of the electrode in the direction of travel. The distance of the electrode from the material you weld, which is the arc length, should be the same distance as the diameter of the electrode you use. The 7018 electrode is designed to allow its user to drag it across the surface of the material welded.

5. Clean away slag with a chipping hammer and wire brush. Inspect your weld, and prepare for the next bead. A weld bead is a weld deposit produced by a single pass. Clean away all slag between passes to prevent imperfections in your weld.

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