Monday, October 14, 2013

Decorate An Iron Bed

Whether your prefer a sleek, contemporary look or something reminiscent of a shabby chic cottage, you can locate and decorate an iron bed frame to suit your aesthetic preferences. Antique wrought iron beds often feature ornate details such as scrolled headboards and canopy frames. Contemporary wrought iron beds may have angular frames or a box-like canopy frame that many people leave uncovered. You can add paint, finishes, embellishments and architectural features to iron beds to match your bedroom decor. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Consider the form and function of your iron bed. Many iron beds come in designs for use as a day bed. You might also use an iron bed frame as a loft bed. Canopy and sleigh beds add a more fanciful element to the room. If your iron bed has elaborate details, you can make the most of them by decorating the bed with shabby chic, Hollywood glam or Victorian elements and linens.

2. Clean iron bed frames using a gentle soap household cleaner that contains no oils. You can remove built-up grunge from tight corners and scrolls by using a toothbrush.

3. Consider the type of finish that best suits your iron bed. Some people prefer to keep the chipped paint, rust and layers of paint on vintage iron bed frames, giving the room a bohemian modern look. Others want to remove old paint and rust for a fresh beginning. Use fine gauge steel wool and sandpaper to rub away chipped paint. A plastic scraper should be enough to remove remaining paint. Apply a rust-resisting primer to the iron frame, and allow it to dry. Then you can paint or finish the bed frame in the decor scheme of your choice. Go with antique white for a classic, simple look, or try a bright color such as periwinkle, lime green, icy pink or peacock blue.

4. Add architectural elements to make your iron bed the focal point of the room. Turn a thin mattress on its side and cover it in luxe fabric to use as a headboard. For a more rustic look, paint an old door and place it sideways behind the bed. You can create the impression of a canopy frame by hanging three iron curtain rods from the ceiling over the bed. Place on horizontally over the headboard, the other over the midpoint of the bed, and the third over the foot of the bed. Drape lightweight fabric over the iron bars, allowing it to spill over the sides of the bed.

5. Select bedding the accentuates the style of your iron bed. Bedding for an iron bed can include vintage pieces or layers of quilts for a homespun, folksy look. Sleeker, more tailored bedding in solids functions well with a contemporary iron bed frame. Keep in mind that you want certain segments of the iron bed frame to stand out, so resist covering the entire bed with oversized comforters and quilts and lining the headboard with large pillows.

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