Tuesday, October 29, 2013

What Is The Difference Between A Steel Door And A Fiberglass Door

What Is the Difference Between a Steel Door and a Fiberglass Door?

Two of the most popular materials used for entry doors are steel and fiberglass. The primary difference between the two, aside from the materials used in their construction, is aesthetic. The lifespan of a well constructed steel door will equal that of one made from fiberglass. Does this Spark an idea?

Advantages of Steel Doors

Steel doors offer a number of benefits when used as exterior entry doors. They are resistant to shrinking, warping, sagging and rotting. Steel doors can provide up to 10 times more protection against home intrusion than a wood door. Steel is also fireproof and offers protection against the spread of fire. Doors constructed of steel are energy-efficient, up to four times as much as doors made of wood. Steel doors are virtually maintenance-free and are available in wood-grain textures that give a natural, wood-like appearance.

Disadvantages of Steel Doors

Although steel is considered a strong material, doors made of steel can be easily dented. Steel doors are also subject to paint chipping. When a steel door's finish becomes scratched, rust can form in the damaged area. Steel doors are also temperature-sensitive, becoming either hot or cold to the touch depending on the ambient air temperature.

Advantages of Fiberglass Doors

Of the three primary materials used for constructing doors, wood, steel and fiberglass, the latter requires the lowest maintenance. Fiberglass doors also resist scratches and dents, and will not rot, deteriorate or rust. Fiberglass doors will not warp, bow or twist. They can be painted or stained and are available in wood-grain designs. Fiberglass doors are energy-efficient, providing five times the insulation value of wood doors.

Disadvantages of Fiberglass Doors

Some building experts maintain that low quality fiberglass doors can crack or fall apart. Inferior quality fiberglass doors can "stick" on the threshold, and extensive effort may be required to remedy this. According to Castle Entries--designers of custom wrought iron doors for businesses and upscale dwellings--most fiberglass doors, such as those found at home improvement stores, are not built to last, providing significant business to door contractors hired to replace them. Fiberglass doors are considered to detract from the overall elegance of luxury homes.


Decisions about what style door to use, during home construction or a remodel, may hinge upon several factors. While both steel and fiberglass doors have advantages and disadvantages, the choice on which to purchase may well be influenced primarily by personal taste. If price is no object, a high quality fiberglass door may be just the thing. If protection from home intrusion and fire is a priority, a steel door may be what's required.

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