Monday, October 7, 2013

Decorate A Rustic Kitchen Table

A bouquet in an old jug is an easy rustic centerpiece.

Nothing is more welcoming that a rustic kitchen table. Whether it's in your dining room or in a small kitchen nook, a rustic table creates a mood for your kitchen that is cozy and comfortable. While rustic is laid back, you still have plenty of choices to create a mood that is distinctively yours. When you pull it all together, you'll have a look everyone will adore. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Pick a theme to help you decorate your table. You may want a rustic shabby chic theme, which might include lace and antique china. Another option would be a rustic hunting theme, which could include a fish motif. Consider your dining room and kitchen decor and either match them or find a theme that coordinates with them. If your kitchen is decorated like a lodge, you could easily decorate a rustic kitchen table with an outdoorsy motif to add a refreshing element to the area.

2. Buy a tablecloth that enhances your theme. A lighter color or a floral pattern will be more soft and feminine, while stripes and plaid go with a host of designs and styles. Look for tablecloths with motifs that match your style, such as bears or deer for a cabin-inspired look or a muted floral pattern for a country atmosphere.

3. Create a centerpiece for your table. If your theme is rustic country, try putting a bouquet of fresh flowers in an antique jug or stone pitcher. Another idea is an arrangement in a simple wicker basket or textured pot. Try a group of lanterns for a lodge-inspired atmosphere, or a trio of candlesticks in wrought iron or distressed wood to replicate the atmosphere of a comfy cabin.

4. Select and arrange place mats on the table. Consider the number of guests at your table and find a set of place mats that enhances your dining room decor. Burlap place mats add texture and interest to your table, and they go with almost any decorating style out there.

5. Pick fabric napkins to match your kitchen. Look for solid colors that match your tablecloth and place mats to keep your table from looking busy with too many patterns or motifs.

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