Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Hang Stained Glass Outdoors

According to the website Stained Glass By Fran, "properly glazed stained glass can be used outdoors without fear of deterioration, so it can be incorporated into all kinds of garden décor." There are many ways to display stained glass items that belong outdoors, such as house numbers or welcome signs. All you need is some display hardware and a bit of creativity.



1. Make a stained glass panel with a brass U-came as the perimeter. The side lengths of the brass should extend 3 inches past the top of the panel. This allows for the panel to hang down from an overhang on the house.

2. Glaze the panel with a cement that has an organic oil base compound with no added hardeners. Linseed oil putty would be a good choice.

3. Lay the panel flat for ten days after glazing, before hanging outside.

Hanging Lantern

4. Create a colorful radiance in your outdoor landscape with a stained glass hanging lantern. The lantern hardware has a durable wrought iron frame with a hinged door.

5. Create the appropriate size and number of stained glass panels to accent the colors or theme of your sitting area or make several and hang them on posts along a pathway. Insert the panels per the directions provided with the lantern.

6. Place a candle inside the hinged door and light it to add color and a warm glow wherever it is hung.

Wind Chimes

7. Make a stained glass wind chime to hang outdoors. Gather an assortment of stained glass pieces and cut them into random shapes.

8. Hold each piece under water and use a diamond drill bit to drill a small hole into the top.

9. Decide what will hold the pieces of glass-for example, a piece of wood-and drill holes into it. Thread fishing line through the hole in a piece of glass and through a hole in the holder. Tie in a knot. Continue until all glass is used.

Garden Art

10. Choose from a wide selection of outdoor display stands to frame your panel securely in wrought iron. Make a panel and choose from round, square and V-shaped garden stakes. These stained glass garden stakes come with extra pre-drilled holes to hang planters, bird houses and other outdoor decorations.

11. Use the hardware provided to secure the stained glass panel to the wrought iron stand.

12. Use polyurethane as an adhesive to attach stained glass to any type of metal display frame, if necessary.

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