Thursday, February 20, 2014

Ezgo Golf Cart Charger Troubleshooting

E-Z-Go Golf Cart Charger Troubleshooting

The E-Z-Go Golf Cart is shipped with a portable charger for the battery. Although the manufacturer states that the charger requires very little maintenance, problems can arise due to improper placement of your charger, lack of cleaning or an incompatible battery. If you follow the manufacturer's suggestions and still can't find the source of the problem, contact the company's customer service department.

About Batteries

The charger on the E-Z-Go Golf Cart is intended to charge the batteries completely. However, if you're using extremely deep-cycled batteries, the charger might not work. Some chargers have an electronic component that isn't activated with such batteries. Since batteries identified as golf cart are labeled according to size rather than the way they're made, the quality of construction can vary widely among batteries with the same size rating. The E-Z-Go uses a GC-5 battery and, to be sure you're using the correct type, purchase a good-quality product rather than batteries from discount stores.


The charger should be attached to a platform above ground level. Check the installation to be sure that there is air flow beneath and around the charger, since overheating can damage it. If you're using the charger outside, it needs protection from sun, rain and wind. A roof above it would be ideal.

The charger needs a dedicated circuit, but it can remain plugged into its AC outlet. The power cord has a grounded plug. Make sure that the ground post isn't bent or damaged.


The battery charger must be cleaned periodically. If it isn't functioning properly and hasn't been cleaned, the problem might result from dirty contacts. There are two holes in the charger. The hole nearest the rounded edges contains the main and auxiliary contacts. To clean these contacts, slide an emery board between them, pressing down on the auxiliary contact. Continue applying pressure to the auxiliary contact as you move the emery board back and forth between the contacts 10-20 times.

Plug the charger into the receptor on the golf cart and wait for the relay to activate. Move the plug around in the receptor to see if the charger turns off. If it does, unplug the charger and clean the contacts again. Plug the charger back into the receptor and move the plug around again. If the charger continues to turn off, examine the plug for a broken red wire in the DC cord.

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