Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Make Swimsuit Alterations

Alter your swimsuit to make it fit your body type.

The thought of swimsuit shopping can induce anguish for women who struggle with their body image. Once the swimsuit is purchased, some women resort to covering it up with a tank and shorts to disguise what they perceive to be problem areas. A swimsuit that fits properly can be altered to flatter your figure and to cloak areas you don't want displayed.


1. Let out the seams where you will make your alterations. You can alter the bust or waistband on any swimsuit. Purchase lycra fabric that will match the basic print of the swimsuit. Use a seam ripper carefully to prevent ripping the swimsuit fabric.

2. To add height to the waistband, cut a strip of lycra 4 inches tall and wide enough to encircle the waistband of the swimsuit. Fold the strip in half, line it up starting at the hip seams and pin the fabric to the waistband. Sew a straight stitch followed by a zigzag stitch to secure the fabric. Adding to the waistband can camouflage your tummy area.

3. Lengthen a tank-bikini by using the process in Step 2 and adding a band to the bottom of your tank. It's important to begin with a swimsuit that fits well because you'll measure the lycra using the dimensions of the swimsuit and not your body.

4. Cut a 2-inch-wide band and fold it in half. Add it to the outer edge of triangular cups for more bust coverage. Fold the bottom edges of the cup to recreate the casing for the bikini strings. Sew along the the casing edge and thread the strings through.

Tips Warnings

Take up the crotch seams to remedy saggy-butt problems.

Change your machine needle to a ballpoint needle when sewing lycra or polyester.

Stretch the lycra while sewing to prevent bunching and alterations that don't fit.

Use polyester thread to prevent breakdown due to frequent chlorine exposure.

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