Saturday, February 22, 2014

Install A Grease Trap

A grease trap is a device that is required by law in every restaurant, cafeteria, catering operation and any other commercial cooking facility. It prevents fats, oils, wax and other debris from falling into the city's sanitary sewer system, which helps prevent blockage and overflows that often occur if such things enter the system. A grease trap must be accessible so you can clean it out, but you do not need to clean out a trap in your home as frequently as one in a restaurant.


1. Determine where to install the grease trap. The area must be large enough to fit the trap. The best place for the grease trap is under the sink. The trap will be a large square box that holds up to 40 liters and will need to be cleaned out at least once every 2 years.

2. Connect the grease trap. There are three connections. One is on the upper right side and is connected to the holding tank vent. This will be the vent connection and control the flow of the trap. Use a clean out tee before attaching to the vent.

3. Connect the left connection to the sink pipe. The pipe will come down from the sink and loop up to another pipe that is straight. Connect the grease trap to the pipe that goes down from the straight pipe.

4. Attach the bottom right opening of the grease trap to the sewer pipe. This will send the liquid to the sewage system.

5. Run hot water after any greasy liquid or food goes down the drain. This will help the grease trap work better and last longer between cleanings.

Tips Warnings

Get a grease trap according to the size of your sink. A 40 liter trap is for a large sink in a restaurant.

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