Saturday, February 22, 2014

Fax Without A Phone Line

Fax Without a Phone Line

Fax machines are a great way to send documents instantly to an end receiver. But if you don't have a phone line or fax machine, you may be wondering how you can still achieve the end result of sending your fax to its destination.


1. Establish an email account. By having a valid email account, you can send your faxes and get confirmation of their receipt, and you can also receive return faxes or responses. Most Internet service providers offer email accounts to their customers, so most likely you already have one.

2. Create an Internet fax account. Through websites such as eFax and MyFax, you can pay a monthly fee to send and receive faxes. This monthly fee includes an individual fax number for your use to give out to those you want to receive faxes from or send faxes to, as well as fax storage capacities and file extension choices in how you receive your incoming faxes.

3. Determine that you want to send a fax and log-in to your account. Have number to which you are sending the fax.

4. Prepare the document you want to send. If your document is already on your computer, you can upload it right to your account. But if your document is a sheet of paper, a picture or an item not on your computer, you can use a scanner to transfer the physical document into a file on your computer, which you can then upload to your account.

5. Send your fax without a phone line. Because you're using your computer to generate your fax, it's as though you're sending an email. Type a message to your recipient, which will be your cover page, and make sure you attach your documents.

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