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How Does Biofreeze Work

How Does Biofreeze Work?

What is Biofreeze?

Biofreeze is a cold therapy treatment gel used as a therapeutic aid for sore or damaged muscles. Manufactured by Performance Health in Pennsylvania, Biofreeze is prescribed and used in the U.K. and the United States for quick relief of pain associated with muscle tissues.

Cold Therapy

Biofreeze is mostly used in cold therapy pain management. Biofreeze has the same impact on the body as an ice pack except it has the ability to infiltrate deeper into the muscle. Cold therapy is the process in which the area of an injury is cooled below the average body temperature. Since heat is known to increase blood flow to the area in which it is applied, cold does the opposite and reduces the blood flow to the affected area. This process, also referred to as cryotherapy, reduces the ability of your nerves to receive and send pain stimuli. The cold also works as a way to decrease the swelling in the affected area.

What Is it Made of?

Biofreeze uses an herb called Ilex. This herb is extracted from a holly plant in South America and then shipped to Pennsylvania to be made into Biofreeze. Ilex acts as an instant cold application and also helps the gel sink deeper through the skin's layers.

Applications and Availability

Biofreeze can be used for physical therapy, massage therapy, arthritis pains, strained muscles, sports injuries, exercise training and patient care. Biofreeze is not available through pharmacies or drugstores. Only licensed health care providers can sell Biofreeze. However, you do not need a prescription to buy or use the product.

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